The Post-Cake Reception Party Location Secured (sort of)

I just got off the phone with Nancy at Auburn Town Hall. They still have Adam Hall available for rent for the 3rd.  Located on East Washington St. near 44, it seems like a nice place to have the party for family and close friends. The inside is a little generic, but I like the outside spaces and look.

Here’s the glitch – if I want to decorate on Saturday afternoon, and I want that time “guaranteed”, then I need to rent the hall for 4 hours on Saturday. Otherwise, if they don’t rent it, I can get in for two hours (again, paid) to decorate on Saturday. If they do book it, then I’m stuck decorating on Sunday morning. Not what I want to do, but is it worth $160 to have the guarantee that I won’t have to?

Nancy has us penciled in and won’t rent out Sunday until she contacts me to make sure I’m still interested. I need to figure out rental times for Sunday’s party and the decorating times so she can write up the contract.


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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