OK, so I wasn’t only climbing roofs this weekend

Wedding planning is progressing (albeit, slowly – as if I am swimming in jello). Here’s what I have so far and what’s left to do:


I got:

  • the date
  • the place
  • readings are the Sunday readings so nothing for us to do there
  • the dress
  • the invitation paper

Left to do:

  • Print, stuff and mail invitesgot postage stamps, most addresses and two friends (THANKS Beth and Tina!) willing to help assemble. Hope to get them out by tomorrow…  Got them sent yesterday
  • Alter dress Dropped it off yesterday to tailor in Chagrin after two not so pleasant tries with other tailors
  • Curtis needs new suit The guy got himself a new suit and picked out a tie that has pink in it (*please note that there is also black in the tie lest there be any question about his country boy status)
  • Girls need dresses and shoes Girls and I had fun shopping at Beachwood Place last night and got their dresses
  • um, aren’t we supposed to give each other rings…rings ordered
  • Marriage license – in hand
  • Shoes – dropped off shoes to be dyed

Cake Reception:


  • friends willing to cut the cake for me


  • Order fancy cake to cut – Tina is looking at pricing for nice small cake to cut from Raised and Glazed. Going to stop at bakery just down the road (hmmm…breakfast today?!) to see about their pricing – Cake was $31 for 8″ and 6″ double layered cake stacked with some embellishments
  • Order sheet cakes – the opinions all seem to lead to Costco as the best tasting cakes that are also reasonably priced. I need to order some (do I need to be a member to order?) and find someone to pick them up for me.
  • Plates, forks, napkins Talked with Holy Angels office today and we are OK with using the stuff there since it is open to the community (their coffee and pots as well)
  • Cake cutting utensils – I want to get a cutter for Curtis and I to use that we’ll actually USE after the ceremony. I wonder if Marshall’s has some cute stylish ones… Picked one up today for a ridiculously low price
  • Decorations at the church – Will need to check with MOMS friends to see if I can use the fabric we just used at brunch…and maybe some of the creative hands that decorated for brunch. Plus, need to see if I can borrow the MOMS tablecloths or if I should rent some for the tables at church. Fabric in church already. Need to still work on other decorations at church
  • Guest book – got one today
  • Favors – unless I get more help, this may need to be cut because of time
  • Flowers…

After Party:

I got:

  • Hall

Still need:

  • Food – still working on getting pricing from caterer (and getting nervous that it is taking so long) Got pricing and things seem to be going well. Did need to add one thing to the checklist…
  • Grill – rented one but looking into one that church uses for its picnic
  • Plates, utensils, cups – ordered them today
  • Table covers – Need to check on rental fees   Rentals were $9.50 per table. ugh.
  • DJ – getting a road block on the lead I thought I had. Need help – anyone know of anyone good and reasonable?     Talked with Greg Wasinski and looking like he’ll be able to help us out (amen!)
  •  Cookies – hoping that the Johnson family will help create their amazing cookie table at our wedding….
  • Beverages – thank God for Wal-Mart’s sale this weekend and the MOMS group – stocked up on pop. Need to get waters, order keg and purchase wine. Need lemonade, too. And ways to keep all above cold, along with dispensers.
  • Decorations – have asked people to collect tin cans (hopefully, they are) and Beth and Tina offered the mason jars they have. Need more of both! Picked up some fabric and lantern lights today.
  • Flowers…

 That’s my to-do list for now. I’m sure I forgot something, so feel free to comment if you see a big hole (sort of like the rings…).


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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2 Responses to OK, so I wasn’t only climbing roofs this weekend

  1. Shannon Gemmill says:

    I can honestly say I’ve never seen the words “need to order a keg”, but I like it!!!

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