Splash of Fun (and maybe a little gin), please.

I had someone ask me recently if I was going to taste-test the cake or party food prior to the wedding day. Honestly, that thought really hadn’t crossed my mind until that moment. I guess that I am feeling OK to not do that because of the more relaxed atmosphere  for the day. Still, if I was going to taste test something, I think it would be the beverages. It just seems much more fun to experiment with those…

We are going to just have the basic beer/wine selection, plus soft drinks, water and coffee at the party. What I’d like to have in addition to that is a fun non-alcoholic punch and a signature drink for us to enjoy. I’ve started looking online and here’s what I found so far. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated (along with anyone who wants to be a taste testing judge).

Here’s what I found so far:

Smirnoff Passion Fruit Punch – It has passion (like us). It has vodka (like I might need).

The next contender – Caipirissima, a sweet-tart rum cocktail – Sweet and Tart describes how I have acted lately perfectly. Plus, what a fun name to say. Very city-ish.

There’s also the Martini contenders. I love a good martini. Here are three I found that may be good:

First up – Rasmopolitan – It’s fun. It looks summer-y. And sort of keeps with the color scheme.

The Lemon Drop martini. It’s summertime. It’s Fourth of July weekend. What’s more summery than lemonade-like martini?

Then there is the Pomegranate Martini, although that might be more fall/winter feeling…

Only issue with the martini drinks is the glassware we’ll need for them. Could drink them in tumbler glasses, but not nearly as fun.

Still need to work on the non-alcoholic punch…got too excited thinking about testing the adult refreshments.


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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2 Responses to Splash of Fun (and maybe a little gin), please.

  1. Shannon Gemmill says:

    I hope more people vote, or it’s Razmopolitan! You’re the bride! What floats your boat?

  2. Kathryn says:

    I will have to try all of them – maybe more than once. Then I will be able to give you some expert advice. From the photos, descriptions and colors – I am going to have to go with the Caiprissima.

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