I always thought “a fox in the hen house” was just a saying…

This morning the girls and I were having a nice breakfast when some movement caught my eye. There’s a large orange cat that lives nearby and stops by occasionally to visit the two cats that live in our barn. That’s why I automatically figured it was the cat based on the color…and then I saw the body – much skinnier…and longer…with a bushy tail. FOX!

Now, I happen to think that Curtis is a handsome man (I’m biased, I admit it) and it could be said that I should have known a fox was on this farm because HE is on the farm. But seeing a red fox up close was very exciting for us. Until we thought about the chickens… and the open barn door… and that saying came into my head.

I’m a city girl, so what do I know about the proper response to these situations? The girls and I sort of scared the fox away when we grabbed the cameras and gawked at him. The few chickens who had been pecking out in the yard – need to call those wranglers again – looked to be back in the barn (probably having sensed danger) so they seem OK. Still, I did the only proper thing I could think of….I texted Curtis.

No response from him.

No sighting of the fox since he walked the opposite way from the barn.

Hopefully no chicken feathers in the yard when we get back home later today.

Life on the farm certainly is interesting.


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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One Response to I always thought “a fox in the hen house” was just a saying…

  1. Shannon Gemmill says:

    That fox looks so GUILTY in that picture! Better make sure everything is ok with those chicken lickens! Foxy- loxy is up to no good!

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