Git ‘er Done

In the next 18 hours I hope to:

  • go to post office when it opens at 8
  • confirm with church all of the little details regarding cake reception, ceremony, decorating time, basement set-up
  • find the last of the decorations I would need for Sunday
  • figure out what the girls will have in their hair for ceremony
  • finalize details on beverages for parties – lots of details here, and some of them are beyond my tailgating knowledge
  • find votive candles and holders I know I have in a box somewhere around here…
  • order cakes
  • find someone to pick up cakes
  • find people to help with cutting of the cakes
  • figure out what people will use to cut the cakes
  • decide what WE will use to cut the cake
  • find people to help me with cleaning up of the cake reception
  • finalize the whole tablecloth decision – plastic (not my first choice), paper (eh..), fabric (cost, clean up) – purchase or order whatever the final choice will be
  • finalize details for the “big secret” that is not quite a secret anymore (see yesterday’s post) – there are many details to finalize here too, so this may take a while
  • eat
  • breathe
  • go to Home Depot to get stuff for projects around house
  • work on projects around house – girls room, bathroom, basement, kitchen – lots of projects, lots of details
  • chase away the fox who has killed two chickens, a bunny and probably even more things since he arrived on the farm last week
  • drink a Coke (or two)
  • deal with another distraction that is trying to cast a dark cloud over the sunshine of these next few weeks
  • drink a martini
  • And, finally at about 11 pm tonight, think about the things I forgot to have on my To Do list for today

The clock is ticking. Thank goodness it’s the longest day of the year because I am going to need every moment of daylight today. It’s time to git ‘er done.




About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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