One month

Yesterday was the one month anniversary for our wedding. Whew. Only 702 more months to go (the girls and I were giving me 99 years here on earth for our calculations).

OK, so I am not really counting down months. But I have learned some things about Curtis that I didn’t know before the wedding, including:

    • He’s really weird. (That wasn’t my first comment, it was actually Zoe’s. She was excited to see it in print)
    • He likes tomatoes on his sandwiches.
    • He wanted me to know that he likes tomatoes on his sandwiches because he also likes me making his lunch sandwiches for the next day every night before bed.
    • He can wear a pair of jeans for 2 hours for a casual dinner and then consider them dirty. (This coming from a guy who can walk into this house covered from head to toe in dirt.)
    • He doesn’t like putting clothes completely into the clothes hamper. He likes to drape them over the edge. Seriously, it drives me crazy.
    • He will eat any cookie or candy that he sees on our counter.
    • He is very tolerant of little girl whine (and big girl whine for that matter)
    • He will help out anyone at anytime, even if it means missing a steak dinner with his girls.
    • He loves ice cream (another Zoe observation)
    • He can hit a tennis ball over the barn better than anyone
    • He throws a mean fastball when I am batting (and sometimes for the girls) to prevent us for being able to hit a ball over the barn
    • He drives a really loud truck, which is helpful when we are sitting out on the screened porch waiting for him. We can hear him coming through town. (Madeline’s observation)
    • He is really a “Cityboy” because we have city water here at the farm (both girls came up with that)

  • He’s crazy – or at least he must be for falling in love with me and these girls.

I am sure that Curtis has come up with an equally long list of observations about the girls and I. Thankfully, he’s not the author of this blog so my quirks and peccadilloes (spazzing out, crabbyness when I get hungry, the need to keep an ample supply of Coca-Cola around) remain hidden for the most part.

The main thing we’ve learned in the last month is that marriage is messy, fun, challenging, beautiful and – as Zoe is insisting I write – weird.  We don’t have the naive view of blissfulness, but that’s good. Keeping it real, remembering the important stuff, and holding on to faith is what will make those 702 months fly by.




About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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One Response to One month

  1. Shannon Gemmill says:

    I LOVE this post and can totally relate! I still learn new things about Craig! AND… he is also guilty of not putting clothes in the hamper. He’s worse than Curtis…he’ll leave it on the FLOOR right next to the hamper! But marriage is fun, challenging, and always something new!

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