Happy birthday, country boy

Today is Curt’s birthday. Knowing that they were not going to be here to celebrate, the girls and I had a little party for him on Friday.

We had cake (gluten-free, of course).

We had presents – homemade and purchased.

And, best of all, we had a nice dinner together.

Today, will be a little more subdued. I am making a nice elk steak dinner for my country boy.

Actually, I am making two versions – one with a liquid smoke/Worcester sauce based marinate I whipped up with the steak wrapped in bacon (seriously, how can anything taste bad when it is wrapped in bacon?!).

The other marinated in Lupo’s Spiedies Marinate, which we’ve used on elk before with fabulous results. (And, if you’ve never had or heard of Lupo’s or spiedies, you’re missing a slice of heaven. This stuff is amazing, as is their lemon garlic marinate that I use on chicken. I have NEVER met anyone who doesn’t like what I cook when I use these marinades.  And I have fed some picky eaters… [Editor’s Note: As for the photo, a shameless plug. Would love for Lupo’s corporate to see it and realize they need to start sending this stuff to Ohio for distribution. As it is now, I have to bribe a sister to import it for me from Binghamton, NY.]

You may be thinking, “darn, they must be hungry to have that much meat to eat…” It is not hunger based that we’re consuming so much elk. It is Curtis-needs-the-freezer-for-his-trip-in-three-weeks based. So, we’re eating elk, lots of elk, to make room for (you guessed it) elk, lots more elk. Lucky lady, I know.

So elk steaks, some yummy side dishes, maybe pick up something small and sweet for dessert, and hopefully a nice dinner with my country boy out on the screened in porch this evening. Lovely plan, isn’t it?

But if I start growing antlers from all of the elk I have been (and will be) eating, someone please let me know.


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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