In my advancing age, life sometimes begins to look more like phases than like months or years. For example, there was the phase of awkward adolocence (I lasted in that nerd state for…well, heck, not sure if I ever got out of it so bad example).

There was the know-it-all phase of one’s early 20s. I’m sure I was a peach to be around in those days.

There was the phase of new parenthood when a deer-in-headlights look with a newborn shifted to waiting for that first smile. I think that new glow lasted until that first dirty diaper that was really, really, REALLY smelly. There’s no fresh bloom of parenthood possible after that happens.

I’ve personally just slipped into a “no matter what I eat, something is caught in my teeth afterwards” phase. Trust me, it isn’t the best phase to be in – especially when you eat salad and then have a meeting with the boss. Maybe it’s just that awkward nerd stage showing itself again. In any event, I think I need to travel with a compact mirror and dental floss in my pocket from now until this phase is over.

We just started into a new phase with Madeline and Zoe starting the school year at a new Big smiles on the first day of schoolschool district. We’re in that anxious exploration of new faces, bus routes, rules books and procedures. So far, I managed to have Madeline break one rule by wearing a very cute and tasteful tank top (never allowed according to the handbook she got at school yesterday) and slip on tennis shoes on gym day. In my defense, who thinks that they will have a full out gym day, with laps around the gym included, on the first day of school? What happened to the idea of getting dressed up for school on the first day and picture day? Where are all of the other girls in “clippy clap” dress shoes?

Gluten Free is the way to beWe’ll enter the phase of telling the school/kids about Zoe being Gluten Free. This district seems to be more in touch with what that means than the previous one, but still a process of educating, monitoring, communicating.

Curtis is entering a phase of hunter’s brain. Never heard of it? Well, it’s that condition where all of life centers around the singular goal of hunting for that trophy ____ (elk, deer, bear, turkey – you fill in the blank based on the month).  He’s eating, sleeping, talking, thinking, planning, dreaming about all things related to hunting at this point. I think he may have even been making an elk call in his sleep last night.

I suppose if you’ve never hunted animals the closest thing I can relate to is the hunt for the perfect outfit for a special occaision. Or maybe the perfect piece of furniture for a particular spot in your home. I’d still rather spend the day with friends laughing and talking while doing that type of hunting than sitting by myself in one spot on a cold day, but that’s me. He loves it. That’s who he is.  

And I knew it when I married him.

Over the course of our relationship he’s tried to get me into enjoying his hunting phase. He’s had me in a tree stand (granted it was a taj mahal type stand with carpeting and heater). He’s put a shotgun in my hand to try target shooting. He’s given me a small bow to try archery. I’m cool with it.

It’s when I start to wear camo to dinner parties that I’m going to need an intervention.


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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2 Responses to Phases

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m in the “pregnant with first child” phase. Soon to be entering the new parent stage….. 🙂

    • Janice says:

      Enjoy the pregnant phase, especially with the first one! Some will tell you the labor phase isn’t exactly wonderful (they may, in fact, tell you that it makes you question your love for your husband and the ability for any woman to willingly do this again to their bodies), but I used hypnobirthing, so that phase was totally fine for me, too. The “I have to take this tiny being out of the protective cocoon of the hospital” phase is a little daunting, but you’ll get through that with flying colors. That first year is full of wonderful phases and, if you decide to do it all over again with bump #2, you get to really enjoy it more because you’ll have so much more confidence in your parenting.

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