When it rains, it pours (apparently into my basement)

Friday was going to be a relaxing night. The girls and I had a great dinner (Elk steaks marinated in Lupos Spiedies Sauce), read some Anne of Green Gables and were in our PJs. I had finally closed their bedroom door for the night and decided to head to the basement to catch up on some TV shows I had DVR’ed.

Thank God for Project Runway and Dance Moms, because if it weren’t for those guilty pleasures, I might not have known about the disaster happening in my lovely, comfy, finished basement.

water in the basement

The water was going down but the fun was just starting...

When I opened the basement door, the first thing that struck me was the noise of running water. In less than a second I went through a mental checklist of what may be running – washer? No. Dishwasher? No. Toilet?! No (thank goodness!). That’s about the time when I turned the lights on in the basement only to discover 3 inches of water everywhere and a fountain coming up from the floor drain.

I did the first things I could think of – call Curtis (who was not even in the same time zone anymore) and save the computer. Curtis couldn’t do much but tell me to try to plug the drain hole and not panic – which is easy to say when you’re high in the mountains and dry as can be.

garage disaster

Our garage is now the holding pen for everything we had to get out of the basement

What transpired over the next 72 hours included:

  • phone lines that shorted out
  • a cell phone that was not functional until Sunday because it got wet
  • realizing that, thanks to my cell phone dying and the home phone not functioning, the only phone numbers I knew by heart when we drove to a neighbor’s house to alert people that we were in trouble were Curt’s and my Mom and Dad 
  • neighbors who came to our rescue even though they’d never met me before I knocked on their door looking like a crazy woman
  • realizing that I my giant box of “critical papers” under my office desk that there for me to organize/file were now totally waterlogged and possibly ruined
  • the love of parents who drive at the crack of dawn to help out their children/grandchildren
  • the love of friends who got the email I was able to send before I had to turn off my rescued computer and who came to my aid on Saturday afternoon to empty boxes or put up furniture
  • finding out that we don’t have water backup on our insurance policy because it saved us $50.
  • watching the flood waters return during a heavy rainstorm on Saturday morning and being helpless to really stop it

Needless to say, it was a roller coaster of a weekend.

saving the photos

We wiped every photograph and laid them out to dry

Perhaps the lowest point was when I saw that the giant collection of photos which had been in a safe place before the move and that was now immersed in water within a cardboard box under the stairs. Ugh. I broke down when I saw that early into the disaster on Friday.

Thankfully, I have two wonderful little helpers for which that became a perfect rescue mission. They stayed up until 1:30 am separating, wiping, and laying out to dry photos and snapshots. I stayed up until 4:30 finishing up the few stacks of pictures that they weren’t able to finish. In all, we saved nearly every photo. It was a miracle.

papers strung up to dry

We strung up any important papers that were wet to try to save them

The girls and I worked long and hard over the whole weekend.  The beautiful furniture I had in the basement is now all elevated. We have dehumidifiers and fans everywhere. All but one cardboard box that got wet have been emptied and that last one just has painting supplies in it so I am not worried. The important papers have been strung on clothes lines overhead to dry out. Toys are in the garage drying. Dolls have been washed and dried. We’re still trying to save all of the books that seemed lost.

We’ve purged many things that didn’t make it. I mourned a few art pieces that the girls had made me that washed away, especially a footprint of Zoe’s and Madeline’s handprints. Overall, we’re trying to look at a flooded basement as God’s way of getting you to clean house and realize what is really important:



And good insurance.


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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