The sickness test

Ok, so it wasn’t really a “test” but it was the first time I’d been down and out for the count since coming to the farm. It started Wednesday. I was feeling odd (stop that snickering, family members, I am NOT always odd..), very tired and shaky.

By 4, I was dizzy, exhausted, and nothing – not even a cold Coke – sounded good to me.

By 6, I made it home and crashed in bed.

By 7, the Country Boy got home and, upon walking in to see me get sick, said that he needed to go check on the mules before HE got sick. I appreciated the privacy and honesty.

By 7:15, the girls got home from soccer practice and started to hover. Zoe made a cute picture that showed me in bed hugging the giant carrot they gave me for Mother’s Day. Her message said “NO MORE SICKNESS!” Madeline pulled out pillows and camped out in the hallway just outside my door to read until bed time.

The next morning, my Country Boy made sure I had medicine before he left. He also called me to make sure I was awake so I could get the girls off to school.

By 8:20 the house was quiet. I was snuggling with a giant carrot and I loved it. I fell asleep and didn’t really wake up until about 1:30 when the Country Boy sent me a message saying he was coming home early.

[I’d love to say that he realized the dire straights I was in and, against the wishes of his coworkers, chose to stop working and was coming home early to rescue me from my illness and take over house functions for the day.  He did choose to come home early but I can thank the rainy skies for the short work day.]

The bus came early, and within 30 seconds my knight on a shiny white horse truck picked up two little girls, rescuing them from the long walk up the drive on a rainy day. He brought bread and gatoraid for a tired, dehydrated wife and made sure I was resting and taken care of for the day.

He passed the test, if there was one. And I enjoyed the chatter of two little girls and one country boy for the evening.

Sometimes being sick isn’t so bad after all.

About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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One Response to The sickness test

  1. Susan Adams says:

    So sorry you are sick! Love hearing about the TLC you received! Get well soon! Love you! Sue

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