So that’s what they mean by horse power…

Saturday morning.

No kids activities.

No Amish guy helping with the fence.

No place to be until the afternoon.

I knew that Country Boy could sleep in until 9 and have a nice relaxing breakfast, but then he’d feel conflicted because he wouldn’t have time to spend with the mules like I knew he wanted. So it was my wifely responsibility to kick him out of the warm covers.

I take my wifely duties very seriously.

Now, I also started moving early in morning as well, mainly to spend time with him and capture the day in photos.

It was the 2nd heavy frost of the year. baby it's cold outside

I don’t mind frost. Glad we’re not part of that snowstorm heading up the east coast.

Beautiful fall day. I love the color of the fall leaves. How is it that I seem to forget how colorful they can be each year?

Curtis spent about 45 minutes with each mule brushing them down, cleaning their feet, cutting some hair.why can't my haircuts be this easy?

Then it was time to give them some exercise. Curtis had 10 – 100 lbs bags of feed corn in his truck that needed to be moved. We could have done it ourselves…but why do that when you’ve got pack mules hanging out with nothing to do?

Yes, Spike, it does make your butt look big. Sorry.

Country boys don’t have to worry about such things I guess. (Maybe that’s why I like this Country Boy…)

Donny got to work a little, too, but his pack-saddle didn’t fit quite right. I know that because this sack didn’t last too long on his back.

There are some things about Curtis that make my heart swoon. (I know what you’re saying, swoon?…best word I can think of right now). Seeing him with a look of determination on his face when he’s dealing with serious things…. oh yeah. I have a picture of him like that when the mule train/corn movers he was guiding didn’t go so well, but I promised him that I wouldn’t publish it. Here’s what the yard looked like, though.

Seeing him riding always makes my heart pitter patter.

He was able to move the corn quickly with the help of his friends.

Happy trails, cowboy…



About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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