Trigger happy

The sounds you hear throughout Pennsylvania this weekend aren’t early Christmas carols or cash registers from holiday shoppers. It’s the sound of hunters getting their shooting skills ready for Monday’s rifle season opening. It seemed like wherever we went today around Western PA you could hear the reverberations from the practicing.

Note to hunters: if you were trying to, you know, sneak hunting season’s arrival up on that giant buck that you saw down the street last week around your favorite hunting spot, the noise from all of that practicing you did probably didn’t help your cause. He knows what’s up.

The Country Boy wanted to get one last practice round in today and we also planned on having me shoot a little.

Yes. Me. With a gun.

The reason we were going to have me shoot some target practice were two-fold:

  1. Country Boy has guns for hunting. I should know how they function from a safety standpoint so I can keep them properly secured and answer any questions that the girls have about guns and gun safety.
  2. We had that dude on our porch a few weeks ago. I need to know how to hold a gun and make that really scary “shick-shick” noise so I can make it look like I’m a bad-^%$ Country Girl who can protect her family if provoked (not that I ever want to get to that point and not that I ever want to really have a round in the chamber. I just want to know how to make that noise and not look like a City Girl who has only held a water gun before).

Curtis showed me how to load the shell, put one in the chamber, unlock the safety, and hold the rifle properly (remember, don’t put your face up to the scope unless you want a black eye…). 

The target I was shooting at was a cardboard shirt box with a black bullseye colored on it.

First shot – hit the target upper right corner. Frankly, I was just glad that I hit the box with both Curtis and his Dad watching me.

Second shot – little closer.

I was doing pretty well and feeling confident with every shot I took. After a few minutes, Country Boy decided to take a shot with his gun to practice.

I have to admit that he looks very handsome lining up his shot.

As a side note, he looks mighty manly and handsome after he has a successful hunt.

See what I mean (although I am slightly disturbed by the bear hunt being successful because that bear rug is going to end up somewhere in this house eventually)…

Back to my story – so Country Boy takes aim, squeezes the trigger and bam –

Bullseye (I now have total respect for the skills of that man. Geesh, the sound of that gun was still echoing through the hills a minute later. Or maybe it was just echoing in my brain.)

I tried a few more shots with my now seemingly BB-gun level shooter, with most heading upper right. I finally tried aiming a little lower left and….

I just nipped the edge of the bullseye.


You’d a thought I just won a million bucks by the smile I had on my face. I was strutting around like I was now Anne Oakley.

Back to reality. I’m ready to keep the guns in the safe and have the only Target I see be the one that I shop at for holiday gifts.




About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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2 Responses to Trigger happy

  1. MichaelEdits says:

    I’ve never owned one myself, which puts me in a definite minority in both my neighborhood and my family. I have, however, used one many times. Yep, targets are fun.

    • Janice says:

      Thanks for the comment, although I am feeling somewhat shamed by calling myself a City Girl compared to your world traveling life. I’m looking forward to checking out your books.

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