Long live the Queen

Dateline June 27th

Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Millicent Anne Frideswide Wilmont. The humans around here call me a much more common name, Nala, to which I respond rather reluctantly. Apparently, they aren’t used to being around individuals of higher class and culture. Based on what I have seen in the week I have been here, they were woefully surrounded by beasts until my arrival so I cannot expect them to notice royalty right away.

Alas, I am here now and have established my reign over the kingdom. Granted, that first day required me to act in a very undignified way when confronted by the hound they call Riley. He was, after all, sniffing my most private area and a female must do what she needs to do to gain some level of decorum. I am sure my idols – Queens Victoria and Elizabeth – would have done the same thing, if need be. One’s comportment must sometimes fall below perfection when dealing with others – especially those who jump in muddy ponds or frolic around groundhog holes. Indeed!

And, apparently, I have yet to fully meet all of the inhabitants my dominion. There are three large beasts on holiday in Pennsylvania for the last week whom I have only olfactorily met when I surveyed their barn quarters. They have sent us a post from their vacation:

I simply shudder when I think about the subjects under my imperial throne. I can tell that we will need to establish formal schooling at once upon their return (although I have heard whispers that they leave for some sort of expedition in the Fall so we may need to delay until they homecoming – hopefully with chests full of jewels and gold coins for my treasury).

In any event, I have made a point of training the humans to bend to my wishes. I freely enter and leave their household as I desire when they are home. I enter and lounge on areas forbidden to others, especially that canine whom looks upon my trip upstairs with a longing that amuses me. The humans, even the man who roams the kingdom, seem powerless when I pull out my purrs. They are like putty in my paws.

There are still areas I need to address. The chickens have made the one section of the barn where my food resides completely untidy. Honestly, how can one expect to live – EAT! – in such conditions as that where you are subjected to the constant cacophony of clucking? I also need to get the humans to plant catnip in the garden. Finally, I need to teach that dog to stop placing his nostrils where they don’t belong. Apparently, honoring personal space is not a high priority around here.

So thank you for your most gracious attention. I shall look forward to our next meeting, at which time I shall hopefully have much more to discuss in terms of my most glorious rule over this land.

– Millicent Anne Frideswide Wilmont (aka, Nala)




About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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One Response to Long live the Queen

  1. Love it! I can picture a little crown on her head!

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