Welcome to Fabulous Bubbleworld

Bubbleworld [Buhb-uhl-wurld]  – noun

To be in a place that removes you from stresses, issues, thoughts and strains of your regular, everyday life.  The sisters were in bubbleworld when they entered Disneyland.


I think it was back in March when I first said out loud that I needed bubbleworld.  It was a really easy winter as far as snow goes, but still, I was itching for the mental freedom that comes from being in the bubble. Then May happened, with the craziness of First Communion and Brunch and I was getting desperate. When June hit and the girls got a chance to be in bubbleworld in Seattle with their Dad, I was pleading for bubbleness for myself. Any type of bubbleness. Didn’t need to be fancy. Didn’t need to be exotic. I just needed bubble.  

Finally, it happened – which explains why there were cobwebs on this blog.

I entered bubbleworld on June 29th when we headed back to Western New York and the comforts of my parent’s house. Three things to know – 1) we brought the dog, which made this our first “family” trip with him; 2) my parents have never had a dog but they allowed us to make their garage Riley’s hip bachelor pad for the time while we were there; 3) no matter how old I am, when I head to my parent’s house it’s like my body and mind relax because I can be the kid again. Mind you, I don’t sit on my backside and throw temper tantrums (much….just kidding!). It is just the feeling that there are much wiser minds around me so the weight of the life isn’t on my shoulders. Do you know what I mean?

What followed was five full days of bubbleworld in New York and three more in PA. Heavenly, restful bubbleworld.

It started off strong on Saturday when we had a blast playing badminton and corn hole at a niece’s graduation party. We also melted a glass bottle in a bonfire after one of my sisters reminisced about doing it when they would have fires back in the day when she was in high school. Of course, that was in the free-wheeling ’70s so we joked with her by having a short debate – was her memory accurate or was something else in the smoke of those fires back then that may have “shaped” her recollection. It took serious hot embers below the bottle and a raging fire above it, but we got it to melt. Score one for my sister – her “good girl” reputation still stands.

Sunday we had double partying to do. Riley turned 6, so we helped him have a great day by taking him to the lake for some swimming and getting a little doggie treat for him afterwards.  We also had a big family dinner out to celebrate significant anniversaries that were happening. Mom and Dad were close to their 56th, Jenny and Geoff just celebrated their 30th, and then the Country Boy and I were two days away from our 1st. It was nice to have a big group of us come together to especially honor my parents. Quiet love and committment like theirs isn’t as common as it once was, so you need to take the time to cheer it on when you can. Looking forward to 2067 when we’ll reach that mark…

Monday was a day for our little family to celebrate one year together. We headed to Waldameer Park, which isn’t quite Disney but still LOTS of fun. The girls completely impressed me with their bravery. Two years ago, I could barely get them to go on the small kiddie slides in the Tad Pool. This year, as we climbed up the gazillion stairs up to the first slide I knew it would be a make-or-break moment. Either the girls would love it or they’d be so upset that we’d pretty much need to hang out in the knee-high pool for the rest of the time. I did the tandem inner tube slide with Maddie, so I can’t vouch for Zoe’s experience, but the whole 20

 second ride we had pretty much sounded like this:

whaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..hhahahahahahahha……Let’s do it again!

And so we did.

Note that Zoe was so brave that she waved to the camera! Geesh, these kids never cease to amaze me!

I understand that water parks use the

 stairs as a sort of crowd control on busy days. We happened to be there on a gorgeous day that had very few people around. That meant trying to keep up with two energetic girls running up the gazillion (seriously, I counted) stairs over and over again. I was glad I was still in running shape otherwise I would’ve been toast. As it was, I was (or should I say my legs were) happy when we finally headed to the amusement park rides.



Tuesday – one year since I officially became the wife of a Country Boy. My parents generously offered the two of us a day to ourselves within Chautauqua Institution.  It was like heaven – all day to ourselves, conversations that weren’t interrupted, interesting speakers to listen to, great concert in the evening. Bubbleworld at it’s finest. I will write more about that one year mark soon, any felt a little guilty for not posting anything on that exact day, but I honestly didn’t want anything to interfere with the bubble Country Boy and I had that day.

The week went on to include a family picnic at the place we’d always go as kids for the Fourth, complete with the thunderstorms that always happened, too. Riley, who by now was being spoiled by Grandpa, loved the lake. Everyone else enjoyed swimming or being out in the boats.

After a quick trip home to the farm to do some laundry, we spent the weekend on our first ever full Country Family trip to the camp: Country Boy, three City Girls, one dog, one cat, and three mules all around a small cabin in the woods on a 96+ degree weekend. Whew. All I’ll say is that we were glad that the spring-fed swimming hole was icebox cold. (I wish I had my camera with me so I would’ve captured Riley’s face when we all [all being us people. The cat and mules decided to stay back.] jumped into the water with him. He was VERY surprised!)

So, this week it is back to reality. Thanks to bubbleworld, I have a little more sun on my shoulders, muscles in my legs from stair climbing, and peace in my heart.

Which is great because you should see how crazy the weeds are in the garden now….and those bunnies need to be kept out…any I really wanted to paint the play house…


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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