Just the facts, ma’am

Fact 1: I love to go on bike rides. I remember riding around my small town in Western New York, with its many hills, and feeling like a bird soaring with the wind in my hair as I rolled with quickening speed down one road or another.

Fact 1a: We didn’t know too much about bike safety those days so helmets weren’t part of my gear.

Fact 1b: I actually had long hair back then for the air to blow through.

Fact 2: I have tried – completely unsuccessfully – to instill this love of bike rides on my children. Zoe caught the biking bug but Maddie was very resistant.

Fact 2a: When I say “very resistant” I mean tears I her eyes when I even mentioned going for a bike ride as something I’d like to do within the next 6 months. Hyperventilation usually happened when bikes were pulled out from the garage. Melt downs of nuclear variety if the bikes were used by anyone.

Fact 3: We were able to have a successful family bike ride last summer along a rails-to-trails path. I had high hopes after that ride but was not able to replicate it.

Fact 3a: When I say “successful” I mean only a few melt downs, moments of hyperventilation, and lots of help getting started.

Fact 4: Country Boy needs to get ready for the big hunt.

Fact 4a: When I say “big hunt” I mean the two week trip to middle of nowhere Rocky Mountain wilderness where one needs to be in a shape other than round.

Fact 4b: I don’t mean to imply that the Country Boy is currently in a round shape.

Fact 4c: If he is more round than normal it has nothing to do with the the fact that I have prepared large meals with multiple zucchini-using side dishes. I have to do something with those zucchini squashes or we won’t have any more room in our house to move.

Fact 4d: His love of cake for breakfast and candy may have an impact on his middle. We’re still investigating that theory.

Fact 5: Country Boy suggested a Family Bike Ride as an activity that we’d all enjoy.

Fact 5a: By “all enjoy” he meant that perhaps someday we would all enjoy bike riding…like 20 years from now.

Fact 6: The girls are in Vacation Bible School this week. The theme for the day was “Trust God no matter how you feel.”

Fact 6a: That God has a sense of humor.

Fact 6b: I’m not sure that Maddie fully appreciated that humor when faced with a gravel path, a bike, and a family saying, “you can do it!”

Fact 7: With a little coaxing, some help to start out, and lots of courage, Maddie went on a bike ride.

Fact 7a: When I say “bike ride” I mean the real deal. No training wheel. No mom holding on the whole time. Real kid-powered ride.

Fact 8: She smiled by the end of the ride.

Fact 8a: There may have been some residual tears in her eyes, too, but the smile was genuine.

Fact 9: Someone brought up the idea of going on another bike ride the next day.

Fact 9a: That someone was Maddie.

Fact 9b: I think I was the one hyperventilating this time.

Fact 10: Sometimes all it takes is a little more maturity, a few more encouraging words, some well-timed vbs themes, and a whole lot of courage for dreams to come true.

Fact 10a: Our bikes are in the truck ready to go for a ride if it stops raining today.

Fact 10b: That God and his humor at work again….


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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One Response to Just the facts, ma’am

  1. This made me smile, especially facts 9 and 9a.

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