Still alive? (or: No, the mules didn’t lock me in the barn)

Yep, I am still alive.

Still here.

Still kickin’.

Still playing ball with the dog, feeding hay to the mules, cleaning up the presents that the cat leave behind.

Still breathing.

I have not, clearly, been typing much.

Or taking too many photos.

Or pontificating about how long veggies can continue to grow even after a hard frost (which was, in fact, surprisingly long).

“What happened?” you wonder. Minds race with the absence of information…

Mules locked me in the barn?!

Nala went ninja on me and I am in coma?

Riley made me walk him so far that I ended up in Canada and I don’t have my passport to get back?

Country Boy took me hunting and I am frozen in a tree stand?

What could have possibly kept me away from this – my creative outlet, my sanity keeper – for so long?!

People, it would take too long to explain it fully, and frankly, I am not even sure it’d really make good reading, so here’s my quick version:

I was abducted by aliens.

OK, maybe I am stretching the truth a tad. It really felt like I was abducted by aliens this past month. Really, life wasn’t normal. At all. And by normal, I mean the crazy, abnormal life on a farm with mules, kids, dog, cat and a man who thinks living in the woods for two weeks under a tarp is cool.

Seriously, if that’s my normal, I must have been abducted by aliens if things seemed “crazy”.

Plus, through that whole time I was gone, there were plenty of things that happened that would’ve made good blog fodder. Like the horse who jail braked down to our farm and scared the bejesus out of me when I was feeding the mules in the dark. Good stuff.

Or the days when I turned into a political op and got all involved in a big election brouhaha in my area. Oh yeah.

Then there was that moment when I got all “I-need-to-take-a-stand-for-the-kids” at a meeting and got some good changes in place for a local sports league. Nice.

Or that time when I raked a bazillion leaves into huge piles that I had to haul on a tarp all by myself…oh, wait..that isn’t very interesting…but it was something that kept me away from the computer.

Clearly, lots of things kept me away from the computer. Or, more specifically, my blog. And, considering how much I enjoy writing, the only plausible explanation is aliens.

But, the aliens have returned me to my home and here I am online again. I really missed writing, so I am glad to be back.

And maybe someday I will get a chance to write about how a group of women was able to get a professional wine taster to turn fifty shades of red in 2.5 seconds…





About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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