Ho ho oh…

You’d think that I would have plenty of options. After all, I love taking pictures. It seems like it would be a given that I would have photos of the four of us (and maybe a few with four-legged friends included) that I could use in our Christmas card.

After all, I have a bazillion photos of the girls. Normal photos:


Silly photos:


Action shots:


We have pictures with the girls and I (no Country Boy):


The Country Boy with one or both of the girls:

archery lesson

We have pictures of the Country Boy with the mules riding on backcountry trails in Colorado.


There are even photos dog and the girls with the van, our family member who is no longer with us (may Oddy rest in peace…).

little love

But, when it comes to “family photos” we have basically four options.

“Hey,” you’re thinking, “four options are plenty! Look at the bright side! Stay positive! I am sure that one of those four would work beautifully for a holiday card.”

Maybe I am being too negative.

Maybe I DO need to look at the bright side – four is better than none. Still, you look at these photos and tell me which one you’d use to send Christmas love to your family and friends…

Happy Holidays

Understand my dilemma?

So if you don’t get a beautiful card with a gorgeous family photo this year, you’ll understand why. There was one option I had thought of as a holiday card given our situation. Not sure if it will work or not (I’ll have to hope that most won’t know elk antlers from reindeer racks) but here it is:


Really need to get a family photo done soon…


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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One Response to Ho ho oh…

  1. Newt says:

    Love it! I bet your husband would be so happy if you sent the elk pic. I’m really beginning to think our husband’s are long lost twin brothers but I’m definitely not showing him that photo. He’d be so green with envy that we’d have to start calling him “Grinchy.” Then, of course, he’d start talking about all of the reasons to move to western PA, or South Dakota, or somewhere where there is absolutely NOTHING but great hunting. I try to tell him there’s more to life. . .but so far, he’s not convinced.

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