When Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick meets dog

Last Wednesday was the Feast of Saint Nicolas. It’s a fairly big deal in many parts of the world and I’ve made it a part of our holiday merriment since the girls were very little. Every year on the evening of December 5th we put out our shoes and the next morning we find chocolate coins, little trinkets, and new Christmas pajamas.

Great holiday fun!

So, this year we put out our shoes/slippers (Zoe once again expressing her unique style) and went anxiously to sleep. Given that I am animal feeder extraordinaire – and the first one up – I was able to get a glimpse and photo of what was left for all of us.


Now, I am not foolish enough to think that Riley would leave those chocolate coins alone when we got done with our morning routine and I went upstairs to get the girls started on their day. I very smartly kept Riley out in the garage until the girls and I were back downstairs and coins were safely within our grasp.

Gave myself a little pat on the back for thinking ahead…

Now is the time that I should note that I put a festive tablecloth on the kitchen table to help bring out more Christmas cheer to our eating. [Note to Mom: You were always so good about using a tablecloth for EVERY meal. I feel like a slacker that we use placemats sometimes and, more likely, a bare table for eating. Am I alone in this? Is my table complaining to other tables about being naked all of the time? Is it a generational thing? Are tablecloths for everyday use going the way of the butter churn? Is it a whole, “We have Lysol disinfecting wipes so who needs to cover a table?” sort of thinking amongst Moms my age? Or am I going to be flogged by the Proper Motherhood Society for neglecting the rules on table adornments and coverings? Maybe I should stop typing this post and write one about Spike’s new barnyard demands…]

Uh, like I was saying, I had put a lovely tablecloth out on the kitchen table and, after breakfast dishes were cleaned away, I kept our coins near the center of the table in front of our seats along with some cute snowman candleholders.

Beautiful holiday table, I thought, patting myself on the back a little more.

All morning and early afternoon the coins were there, perfectly fine and untouched. Then girls got home from school and Zoe and I started working together on a small computer project down in our office area of the basement. Riley stayed by us for a few minutes before slowly walking upstairs…

I think it was the sound of Maddie’s trinket hitting the floor that caught my attention. Running up the stairs, Zoe and I caught Riley in his “Oops, my bad!” position with the tablecloth nearly fully off the table and one last lonely chocolate coin on the floor near his front paw.

Those previously done pats on the back were now more like V-8 smacks to the head…

One of my friends is a certified dog trainer, so I know that Riley would need to eat a LOT of chocolate for him to get ill thanks for his size, so I wasn’t too worried about that. The girls still have lots of candy left over from Halloween, so even the loss to them wasn’t a huge deal. I even had to laugh at the fact that my choice to use the tablecloth assisted Riley in his nearly silent snacking. Nice use of tools, dog.

One other funny thing I had to chuckle about was thinking that Riley had helped make the Country Boy’s fortune cookie from the previous Saturday come true, just not in the way we had hoped or expected.

The fortune had said that he’d receive riches from unexpected places. This was very unexpected… see, the chocolate coins each were covered in gold foil. Instead of the goose that laid the golden egg, we had the dog that laid the golden poo for the next several days.

Lucky me.

Excuse me while I go Lysol my table since I need to rethink the whole tablecloth thing.


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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