When Tylenol just wouldn’t be enough

It started a week ago Sunday with rosy cheeks. We had a crackling fire in the fireplace and Maddie had camped herself next to it to do her homework. When I saw her rosy cheeks a little later, I wanted to believe that it was just because of her choice of seats.

Denial can be very hard to overcome.

Thankfully, the thermometer doesn’t have other plans or things to do that might sway its judgement. It told me the reality. Maddie was sick and down for the count.

Zoe woke up Monday and felt a “little wobbly” but, frankly, that describes most Mondays for me. She decided to go to school with the instructions to go to the nurse should she feel worse.

She lasted an hour.

Monday sniffles and fevers turned into Tuesday 103 temps and coughs.Two kiddos wiped out and needing lots of TLC. And so we stayed home and I went into full Nurse Momma mode.

Maddie came out of the bleariness by Tuesday evening and, by Wednesday was ready to go to school. Zoe needed another day of recovery. With one patient gone, I was able to catch up on some computer work and phone calls, thankfully. Still, leaving the house to get anything done was not an option.

“No worries,” I thought. “I’ll have Thursday and Friday to catch up.”

Maddie came home Wednesday with the February school calendar…the one that showed that they had Friday off for teacher in-service.

I think my reaction was something along the lines of a slack jaw drop and a minion-like, “Whaaaaa….” coming out of the depths of my being.

[warning: here’s where I am going to sound painfully old] When I was young, I don’t remember having so many “in-service” days off. We went to school in September and didn’t have any breaks until June. Heck, we even kept our Christmas stockings at school because that’s where Santa knew he would find us sleeping in our cubbies… OK, not really. But seriously, what’s with the random day off in early February when they have a four day weekend coming up for President’s Day? Normally, I would be thrilled with having a long weekend with the girls, but after 72 hours of being on-call with sick-bed girlies without any backup (Country Boy was out of town), I was ready to call the superintendent of schools to beg for reconsideration of the off day.

So, Thursday became the day I had to cram in ever delayed errand and job no matter what. The morning included much needed adult conversation at breakfast with a close friend. I apparently was so hungered for discussions that did not include talk of nose mucus and bathroom visits that breakfast lasted until lunch and, when I finally made it to the grocery store, I struck up conversations with several random strangers.

I was glad I got out of farmville that day, because the girls and Country Boy wanted to stay home-bound pretty much the rest of the weekend. Thank God for church and the Super Bowl, which allowed us to breath some fresh air yesterday.

So, when I turned on the tv this morning and the weather forecast called for an additional 2-4″ of snow today and more coming, you’ll have to excuse me for wanting to make sure I was better prepared to be stuck on the farm for awhile.

More milk, yogurt, and bread. Check.

Van filled up with gas. Check.

City Girl medicine. Check.


OK, week, I’m ready for you this time. Bring it on.


About CountryBoyCityGirl

A city girl who fell in love with a country boy. Found bliss, along with large piles of mule droppings for her and two little girls to now try to avoid.
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